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What to Avoid When Creating an Exterior Sign for Your Business

An exterior sign or corporate sign for a business is very important, even if your business has been in the same location for many years; you may still need to draw in new foot traffic or ensure that new customers and clients can easily find the location. When you do create a corporate sign that will be placed outside, note a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid so you know your sign will be visible, durable, and satisfying for years to come.

Be careful of metal

Metal is very durable and can withstand the elements, so a metal sign does have its advantages. However, that metal can also easily reflect sunlight and create a glare so that the sign cannot even be read! If you do opt for metal, choose a brushed or burnished metal, which tones down the finish of the material. This reduces its shine and potential for glare, and can also make lettering look deeper and therefore easier to read.

Don't add too much

A corporate sign might need to include the name of the business and then a short tagline or phrase, such as "Aspen Office Park" or "Delta Dental Center." To avoid making the sign too busy, be very careful about adding too much wording. Chances are customers and clients will notice the name alone and that will be sufficient for them to know they're in the right spot; adding too much wording underneath your name can mean a sign that's too crowded and not legible at all.

Consider if it's actually visible

It's easy to think that a wide slab sign that sits right in the ground will be visible, if you use large, bold lettering. However, you might take the time to actually walk or drive a small distance from your building and then approach it in the same way as your customers or clients. Note if other traffic might cut off the view of the sign, or if the sign would easily be hidden by hedges and shrubbery. The location you pick for the sign might mean the view is actually obscured by the building next door, or you might not think to angle the sign in such a way that it can be easily seen by passersby. Remember that the size of the sign alone doesn't determine visibility, but consider its location and potential obstacles in the way when choosing the sign's design and location on your property.