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Two Tips For Those Who’ll Be Ordering Wedding Signs From Signage Companies

Here are two tips for couples who'll be ordering wedding signs from signage companies.

They shouldn't hire the signage company until after they've organised the reception

Many couples view ordering their wedding signs as one of the simpler aspects of planning their weddings, and so some might be tempted to get this task out of the way before tackling complex processes like finding a venue and ordering the other decor for the reception. However, in most situations, it's best for people to wait until they've solidified their wedding reception plans before they begin working with a signage company.

The reason for this is that the type, size and number of signs that might be needed for a wedding will depend partly on where the reception is going to be held. If, for example, the couple chooses to have an outdoor wedding instead of having it in a hotel that has its own bar, then they might need to set up their own cocktail bar and have a couple of signs (a 'cocktail bar' direction sign, as well as a drinks menu sign) created for this feature.

Likewise, if their reception venue doesn't have much outdoor lighting, then they might need the signage company to integrate lighting into the outdoor wedding signs. Finally, if they need to display some signs on the rafters of the venue's very high ceilings, they might need larger signs with bigger fonts so that their guests can easily read them. As such, if a couple doesn't yet know where they'll be hosting their reception before they get their signage made, they could end up with signs that aren't suitable for their venue.

They should ask the signage company to take down the wedding signs, as well as install them

Most couples choose to let the signage companies they hire take care of the installation of their wedding signage (to ensure it's showcased in both an aesthetically pleasing and safe way) but will often not bother to ask these companies to remove their signs. However, if a signage company does sign removal work, it's a good idea for couples to make use of this service.

The first reason for this is that it will save them or their loved ones from having to handle this tiring task; this is important, as whilst weddings can be a lot of fun, they can also be exhausting. The second reason is that if a collection of wedding signs are removed with care by professionals in a way that doesn't damage them, then the couple would then have the option of selling their non-personalised signs to other engaged couples. This might then allow them to recoup a portion of their signage-related wedding expenses.

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