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3 Ways LED Signs Can Increase Parent Satisfaction at Your School

A parent's impression of your school is often just as important as how your students feel about it. Disgruntled parents can cause all sorts of problems, from tarnishing your name in the local media to discouraging others from enrolling their children at your school. That's why it's important to make sure parent satisfaction is as high as it can be. Having LED signs installed inside and outside your school is one way to make parents happy -- here are 3 reasons why they'll love them.

They Share Emergency Announcements

Throughout the year, there's a high chance that your school will encounter a few emergencies or unexpected circumstances that parents need to know about. For example, a sudden adverse weather warning may mean your school will be shut the next day. Communicating these announcements to parents can be a source of great frustration for staff. Whether you send out letters or text messages, there are always a handful of parents who don't receive the message. While it's impossible to ensure that every single person sees the announcement, LED signs are one way of boosting the number who do. By displaying emergency information on digital signage outside the school, you can be sure that those picking up their children or just driving past will see the warning. Internal signage can also keep students up to date in the same way, reminding them of messages they need to relay to their parents.

They Broadcast Accomplishments

Keeping the school communities connected and encouraging "school spirit" is essential if you want parents to feel proud of their child's school. LED signs can help foster this enthusiasm by displaying news of big accomplishments to parents passing by. For example, why not use your LED sign to share the results of a recent sporting event, test results, or educational competition? If you purchase a LED video display, you can even play clips of school events. Broadcasting these accomplishments shows parents you care about their children's success and gets them excited about what's going on at your school.

They Keep Kids Safe

Both indoor and outdoor LED signs offer huge safety benefits for today's schools. Indoor LED signs can be used to communicate threats to students. With increasing worries about intruders and attackers entering schools and harming children, parents will be glad to know that emergency alerts can be delivered to their children instantly in real-time. Aside from attackers, LED signs can be used to inform students of other hazards and safety concerns, such as flooding or broken glass at another part of the campus, or an evacuation drill. Outdoor LED signs can be used in a similar way, informing emergency services and passersby of what's happening inside the building in the event of a lockdown. Child safety is of paramount importance to parents, and showing them that you're committed to protecting their children will go a long way in your favour.