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LED: A sign of the way things are going

Signs are hardly a new form of advertisement. Go back to a time before electricity and an affordable print media, and they were essentially the only way of spreading the message about your business beyond word of mouth.

Thankfully, in the modern age, businesses have a few more options available to them. Yet that doesn't mean the sign has gone away; on the contrary, it's only improved with time, evolving to make the most of new innovations.

As a result, neon and fluorescent options are up there with some of the best. But the first spot is firmly held by LED. Here's why.

Easy changes

One of the key benefits of LED signs is that they can be updated remotely through the internet. This saves owners time and hassle having to travel to the location and manually alter their images. Due to the added convenience, it also means they're more able to change their messaging regularly, adapting to rapid changes in their market.

Remember me?

Signs are a key example of brand recall, the idea of people seeing an image, logo or product itself and remembering exactly what it does. Naturally, this can be achieved to some degree with any kind of sign. But there is a difference between existing as an image and catching the eye of every passer-by. The brightness, vividness and colourfulness of LED signs is what puts them firmly in the latter category.

Keep on going

If LED signs have anything, it's stamina. With a lifespan that can last up to 100,000 hours, you're looking at 3 to 6 years longer than even the best kinds of neon and fluorescent lighting. They also tend to stay brighter for longer than these competitors.

A close fit

Many kinds of signs need to be manufactured-to-size in a factory, a process which can be time-consuming and expensive. Yet with LEDs, their relatively thin size and lack of tubes means they can be fitted on-site by the supplier. Given that they can replace virtually any kind of sign, this also enables the new owner to try them out first with minimum hassle.

Keep the trees happy

The need to be environmentally-friendly is more pressing for businesses nowadays than ever before. That's why using LED signs that only consume around 10 watts of power — roughly 80 percent less than its neon counterparts — can be a boost to a company's green credentials.