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What to Include in Your Business Signs

Business signs are a marketing weapon, a tool that helps you draw traffic and generate sales. Using signs, you can spread your business message day and night, without incurring the high cost of traditional marketing techniques.

To make your signs effective, you should include several important elements within the sign itself. This information will attract the attention of customers and encourage them to engage with your business.

Regardless of the type of sign you are using, signs should have the following important pieces of information about your business.

Contact information

A business sign without contact information can result in a lost message for your business. When using storefront signs, lawn signs or pull-up banners, make sure you include basic contact information about your business. This includes a telephone number, physical address or email address.

With this information, customers will be able to directly contact your business if they need to engage with your products and services. Another helpful strategy is to use a specific phone number for your signs so that you can track the success and quantity of traffic that your signs are generating.

A call to action

A call to action is an appeal to your audience to carry out a certain activity. You can design a call to action that encourages your customers to either purchase a product, recommend it to their circle or visit your website. Whatever the reason, a strong call to action on your signs is a great marketing strategy.

To entice your customers to respond to your call to action, add a discount offer on your signs. This entices the audience to respond because they are getting something in return.

A QR Code

Your business should take advantage of advancements in technology in order to increase its outreach. A good strategy is to add a QR code to your business signs. Customers can scan the code and be redirected to a landing page on your website or a discount/sale offer.

QR codes are also great for collecting customer information such as emails and phone numbers. You can use this data to communicate directly with your customers and learn more about their preferences.

Business logo

As a business, your logo speaks to your brand and demonstrates your business identity. Embedding signs with your logo can enable customers to relate to your brand and begin to build trust with your products and services.

Make sure you choose a sign that makes your logo stand out, such as illuminated signs, 3D signs or metal panels. 

Ask sign companies about signage solutions that will fit your needs.