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3 Reasons Corporate Buildings Should Use Monument Signs

Any corporate building needs signage to advertise its presence – they don't usually need to attract customers off the street like retails businesses, but they still need to stand out. When you start looking for building signs, you'll quickly notice how many different types are available, so it can be hard to choose the perfect one to meet your needs.

For a corporate building, monument signs tend to be the best choice. These are freestanding signs that are set low to the ground, and they offer several compelling benefits. Here are just three.

1. Captures the Attention

Even though a corporate building sign doesn't advertise in quite the same way as a retail business sign, you still need to make sure yours is easily visible to ensure any visitors know where to find you. Monument signs sit close to eye level, so they're easy to spot whether you're walking or driving. They're also relatively large, so it's hard to miss them even when viewed from the side or from behind.

Better yet, monument signs allow for a vast array of design options. Thanks to their size and the variety of materials that can be used, you can create an eye-catching design. Even if people don't need your building when they first see the sign, they'll almost certainly make a mental note and know exactly where it is.

2. Provides Premium Appearance

Signs do more than point the way and advertise a business – they also say something about the business itself. When you pick a cheap sign, it creates the impression that your business isn't particularly respectable one. When you pick a high-end sign, people automatically form a better impression.

Since most monument signs are constructed of natural stone or brick with stone or wood facings, they create a high-end, sophisticated appearance that tells people your business is here to stay.

3. Offers Incredible Durability

All signs start off looking great, but few retain their original appearance like monument signs. Elements like brick and natural stone offer outstanding weather resistance. Even when they do weather, it simply creates a sense of age that reflects well on your company. Better yet, monument signs are extremely hard to damage.

Ultimately, choosing a monument sign means getting something that will last for years without ever requiring work, and very little maintenance will be needed. If you do want to touch up a monument sign, all you'll usually need to do is hire a power washer to get it looking as good as new.

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