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Thinking Of Laser Engraved Signage For Your Business? Here's What You Need To Know

No business can do without signs. So, if you want the best signage for your premises, you should consider laser engraving. This method of creating sings offers business owners a vast range of benefits that will be hard to come by with other techniques. Thus, if you want to customise your signage to be as unique as possible without losing its functionality, then laser engraved signs are for you. This piece highlights a few of the things that you should know when thinking of laser engraved signage for your business.

What materials can you employ laser engraving on? 

As mentioned above, laser engraving can be performed on a myriad of supplies. Whether you want plastic, wood or metal signs, you can be assured that they are capable of being laser engraved. However, your choice of material will be dependent on a few factors. Firstly, your budget will have an impact. For instance, fibreglass will be more expensive than metal, but this will also be dependent on the type of metals you are considering. In addition to this, the location of the signage will also have an impact on what material will be viable. For example, signs located outdoors will be best made from plastics instead of wood since timber is not a weather-resistant material.

What fonts can be achieved with laser engraving?

Your choice of fonts will be determined by where your signs need to comply with specific guideless that are set for your line of business. For instance, there could be government-mandated regulations that require your signs to be a specific font and size. If this is not the case, then the range of fonts available to you could depend on the laser-engraving provider you have chosen. Some companies may only aver a limited number of fonts that they can engrave, and they will furnish you with that information. Lastly, you could choose to work with a laser engraving company that has no limit on the options available to you, but this may cost more.

What about tactile signs?

One major benefit that laser engraving offers that not all signage methods do is the ability to create tactile signage with ease. If you need your signs to have braille, the engraving process is done by eliminating the surrounding material to form the signs and this results in raised signage. Furthermore, some providers already have the designs of tactile signs programmed into the laser-engraving machine, and this simplifies the process.