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Two reasons why recently qualified tradespeople should invest in vehicle signage

If you recently finished your trade apprenticeship and are now a fully qualified tradesperson, you should invest in some vehicle signage for your work van. Read on to understand why.

To increase your credibility

Many established tradespeople rely on word-of-mouth marketing to keep their businesses running. However, as a new tradesperson, you won't have any existing clients who can reassure potential clients that you are a reputable businessperson whom they can rely on to repair or install features on their properties. If you have no client references and a plain work van whose exterior gives no indication of the type of services you provide, you may find that people are reluctant to let you, a total stranger, into their properties. This could result in you having to take on other part-time work that is unrelated to your trade to support yourself.

If you don't want to encounter this roadblock, investing in some signage for your vehicle is a good idea, as it could help to reassure new clients that you are indeed running a real business and that you are someone they can trust during this period when you have not yet had a chance to build a good reputation.

If this is the main reason you want to get signage added to your work van, you must get the sign fitted onto your vehicle by a professional, as a poorly-placed sign that is crooked and peeling off will do nothing to increase your credibility.

To let people know about your services

If you want to earn a decent income and be able to rely solely on the profits earned via your trade as soon as possible, then you must market your services in as zealous a manner as possible. Since you will be travelling to new locations in your work van several days a week, it would be a waste of a marketing opportunity if you were to not put signage on your vehicle that informs other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians who might need to use your services about how they can get in touch with you as you whizz past them.

Depending on how busy the routes you take to clients' properties are, hundreds of people could potentially see your vehicle signage, and a significant percentage of these individuals may jot down your details and engage your services as a result of this. For more information, contact a vehicle signage company.