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The Three Most Important Braille Tactile Signs Your Business Should Have

Australia has several hundred thousand visually impaired residents, many of whom still regularly shop just like everyone else. Most buildings now have specifically designed architecture to ensure these residents can navigate the building safely, but these are still very basic measures. If you want to cater to them better, it is important that you put in place simple signs and aides that can drastically improve their experience with your store. These braille tactile signs can replace your regular signage because they have non-braille instructions as well. Here are three you can start with for a small investment that will pay off in spades. 

Toilet Braille Tactile Signs

Not being able to find the toilet is an extremely embarrassing situation for anyone to go through, and the last thing you want your visually impaired customers to feel is awkward and alone. Getting a few toilet braille tactile signs that show where the ladies, gents and disabled toilets are is a simple step you can take that would mean so much to those that need it. These signs come with different patterns and display pictures as well as the braille text below. Put them in prominent locations and by themself so that they are easy to find not just for those that need the braille, but for your other customers too! 

Floor Number Braille Tactile Signs

It is easy to get discombobulated about the floor numbers and which office is where and so on. Most businesses that span several floors will have floor numbers on them, and adding a simple line of braille can make these accessible for your visually impaired visitors. Keep these at every staircase and at the lifts (if you have lifts). It can also be a good idea to have a list of how many floors your store has at your entrance, next to a layout of each floor if possible. If you work in a shopping centre and the administration hasn't done this on their own, then bring it up to them!

Emergency Exit Braille Tactile Signs

Emergency exits should be exceedingly obvious to everyone who walks into your premises. In the case of an actual emergency, you want all who are around to know how to safely get out in a calm and orderly manner. If you have regular customers who have visual impairments, then you really should get emergency braille tactile signs so that they too will have a good understanding of the plan in case something goes wrong. Make sure that if there is a fire or a major power outage that you do a quick sweep to see if anyone is present in your business that seems to be struggling to find their way out.