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Switchboard Labelling: Four Principal Tips for Custom Engraving

Proper labelling of your industrial switchboards is critical for safety in the workplace. The right labels will provide clear information and minimise the risk of mistakes which could result in electrical accidents. One of the most reliable approaches for creating these types of labels is custom engraving. This method is beneficial because of its durability. Moreover, the engraving will not be easily compromised by adverse conditions. If you would like to order some custom labels for your switchboard, consider using these tips for the best results.

Simplify the Design

You should ensure that the design of your label is simple. If the design of the content is complicated, it will not serve the purpose. You must keep in mind that electrical labels are meant to be functional not decorative. In general, it is advisable to opt for a simple font. You should also look for the most appropriate font size to match the switchboard. Larger words will be more legible, but you must be careful not to make big labels which will affect the operation of the switchboard  

Consider Clarity

When designing your labels, you should think about the clarity of the information indicated. It is important for the details to be understood by all potential users. In most cases, words are sufficient for electrical labels. However, in other cases, the number of words which may be required might be too many to create a good label. If you have such a challenge, you should consider using abbreviations. Shorthand and initials can also be useful, but you must make certain that these will be understood. Additionally, images might be useful in some situations

Review for Accuracy

When sending the information for your custom engraving, you must make certain that there are no errors in the details. It is common for people to overlook small problems like spelling mistakes but for others to notice them later. These will affect the quality of your electrical labels. You should also look at the specifications for the products. Oversights with regard to specifications can compromise the function of the units. Confirm critical details like labels size, material and other general design parameters.

Look into Finishes

Finally, you should look at the finishes available for electrical labels. The right finish will enhance the result of the custom engraving. It is not necessary for the products to be decorative and appealing. However, some materials might cause the words on the labels not to be legible. A little colour will make the information clearer. Moreover, some finishes will protect the labels, making them last longer. 

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