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Two Things to Discuss With the Promotional Banner Maker You've Hired

If you've hired a local promotional banner maker, here are the things you should discuss with them before they begin making a sign for you.

Whether or not you need the banner to be retractable

You'll need to let the banner maker know if you want them to make this item retractable. You may find it useful for the banner to have this feature if you'll be using it on more than one occasion, for a regular promotional offer you run. For example, if you have a restaurant and run a two-for-one deal every Friday, and you plan to use this banner to advertise this offer every Friday, then you should probably request a retractable one, as it will be easier to unroll and roll up this banner every single week.

In contrast, if you're using this banner to promote an offer that is available all the time (and the banner will, therefore, be on constant display) or if you're using it for a short-term, once-off promotion (and will only need to unroll and roll it once), then the banner maker may advise you not to worry about ordering a retractable one, as you won't get much use out of this feature. This is particularly important to note if your banner budget is small, as adding this feature will make this sign more expensive.

Where you'll be putting the banner

You'll also need to tell the banner maker where you'll be putting this promotional signage. This will not only determine the maximum length and width you can request but will also help the banner maker to determine what shape the banner should be. If for example, you want to put a promotional banner on your premises' very wide fence, to advertise some promotion your business is running, then the banner maker might recommend that you take advantage of the fence's width and opt for a very long banner that covers most of this barrier and that will, therefore, grab the attention of anyone who walks past it.

In contrast, if it will be an indoor banner that you'll be displaying beside your stand at a business exhibition event, and the space available for your stand is quite small, they might recommend a banner that's narrow but very tall, so that it won't use up much of the floor space but will still be tall enough to be noticed by the exhibition attendees.