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How to prepare your car for a vinyl wrap

Vinyl car wraps are an excellent way of decorating a vehicle, either to add your company logo and branding or simply to place your own personal stamp on a private car. Although the procedure is simple and effective, you will get better results if the vehicle is properly prepared before wrapping.

Clean the car

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the car is clean. This needs to be done the day before, to give the vehicle a chance to dry out fully before the wrap is applied. This is best done at a car wash, using a simple detergent wash. Don't be tempted to use wax, as this can stop the wrap from sticking to the car. You should clean the whole exterior of the car as thoroughly as possible, even parts that are not being wrapped such as the windows and wheels. This will prevent dirt from being accidentally transported to the wrap from other areas.

Clean the hardware

Any removable hardware like trims, mouldings, reflectors and anything else that can be detached should be taken off and cleaned separately. They can easily hold spots of grease that can be difficult to get to without removing and can cause problems with the wrap if they are not thoroughly cleaned first.

Fix the paintwork

Any scratches or peeling paint will show through the vinyl and may prevent it from adhering to the side of the vehicle. Although it is possible that part of the design will camouflage the problem, it is more likely that it will show through and reduce the quality of the final image. You will also not be able to fix it once the vinyl is in place, so make sure your paintwork is fully repaired before wrapping.

Fix rust

Rust will also need repairing before the wrap. Vinyl will not stick to the rusted area, and the rust will continue to spread even under the wrap, spoiling the finished effect. You should make sure all rust is repaired before wrapping, and preferably painted over as well, as the vinyl will adhere better to the paint than to the filler that has been used to fix the problem.

If you have any concerns the best advice is to have the vehicle wrapped by a professional. This will ensure an attractive result that will last for as long as you need it. For more information, contact a local professional.